My Bachelorette Party Was Amazing

I moved to the San Francisco area in 2010 in search of my tribe. (I grew up in Alabama and spent the bulk of my twenties in Tennessee.) Whenever possible, I have been spending my time with a few generous, strong, intelligent powerhouses I call “friends.”

In the weeks leading up to my wedding, I endured significant heartbreak and an inconceivable workload related to my business. I had already emailed my closest friends to ask if they would please give me the gift of a day that I didn’t plan. I wanted some sort of relaxing spa thing and some chill time. With all that was happening, I needed to chill out more than ever.

These amazing women delivered!


I was whisked off to the spa, where I was gifted fantastic hot tub chill time, a massage, and a honey and brown sugar body scrub. WINNING!

After a few hours at the spa, the ladies blindfolded me for a car ride.

My blindfold was removed so I could see that we were in Rose’s back yard at the most amazing Southern themed garden party ever, complete with our own private bartender! (Played by Rose’s hubby.)

I have dietary related health issues, so I eat very little sugar and rarely drink alcohol. I told the ladies I would be prepared to go wild and consume whatever they had for me; I should have known they would break out the Wild Turkey and Jell-O shots! LOL!

I was drunk and jacked up on sugar within a half hour.

I have no idea how many Jell-O shots they fed me. They had set up a giant rocking horse, lawn bowling, and somehow I managed to get my hands on a lasso… so obviously, I was Indiana Jones for a while. We actually kept the party going into the night and stopped when a raccoon got into the house. I can’t seem to find any photos or video of the raccoon invasion, but that’s probably for the best.

Music: "A Motley Crew" by Raphael Beau & Max Steiner

I am truly honored to call these ladies my friends. Life is hard and gets more complicated with age. Good friends are hard to find, and I am hanging onto these.

Thank you for reading!