Campaign Day

We just made it past lunch time on day one of the BA Moving Arts crowdfunding campaign. This is very exciting, but also very tiring. Asking for money is never easy, and it stings badly when people you think will help you refuse. I’ve had a handful of heartbreaks today.If you never try anything big, then you won’t fail. I’ve failed many times, have endured significant heartbreak and ill will, and I’m still kicking. I’ve also succeeded many times, and have gotten better at selecting which projects are feasible.This one is huge. BA Moving Arts is so much bigger than me or my partnership with Trixie.

The recommended timeline for creating a crowdfunding campaign is six months. Trixie and I signed the lease on our studio space seventeen days prior to our opening date, and only thirty-two days prior to the launch of our campaign. In the last thirty-two days, we launched a business and a crowdfunding campaign. Oh, and we are still producing a major show at Brava Theater in San Francisco this Saturday. Plus, life is still happening.  

I had no idea how long it would take me to make our video. Because we were so limited on time, we just talked on camera. We had no script, no storyboard, no one to edit the video but me. I ended up watching hours of video, cutting and splicing, struggling to get all the pieces together, pulling my hair out. I would not recommend trying to open a business, do a crowdfunding campaign, and produce a show all in the same month to any person ever. This has been a wild ride!

Just think about that timeline for a moment. The fact that we were able to do that is just more proof that we can run this business well. If you are reading this blog, I bet you are hoping my studio will be a success, so now I have to ask… would you please help me? We need people to share with friends and family, make donations, and local people should buy classes and come to class!

Thank you for reading!