I Need a Minute

I am unfortunately still having a rough time with my health. As I’ve stated before, I am launching some very exciting new projects this fall! Super Steve and Fiona (my new puppy) are helping me get back to health and I’m sure their love will expedite my progress. I haven’t shared much about my health online because my issues are very complex and in my experience, most people want to give me very bad unsolicited advice. It amazes me how quickly humans give simple labels to complex issues instead of realizing they don’t know what they don’t know. I do intend to share more about my struggles with depression, but that is its own art project. Stay tuned!

Fiona, helping me write this blog.

Fiona, helping me write this blog.

I got a bacterial infection in my intestines at some point in my life. No idea exactly when, but I have had a few surgeries, and apparently the most likely place to get this type of infection is in a hospital. One of those surgeries included the removal of my ovaries, so I have had a number of problems that were the result of hormonal imbalance. Hormone imbalances can cause all of the symptoms I was exhibiting, so I was misdiagnosed and was working with a doctor to identify food sensitivities. I suffered from poor gut health for at least three years before the infection was identified, and then we had great difficulty getting the bad bacteria out and good bacteria back into my tummy.

The health of the gut directly affects the health of the brain. I meditate, do yoga, dance, eat very healthy food, drink tons of water, have an amazing hubby and an adorable puppy, but I am still deeply depressed due to physical sickness. Tack on the grief of losing my dream business, my savings, my dance troupe, and learning that my closest friend actually didn’t care about me at all, and I’m having an extra rough time.

Now I take drugs that slow down my digestion. I don’t get enough nutrients or fluid out of the things I ingest, and the pills help, but they are just masking a symptom of a really big problem. I am always thirsty and tired. Stress makes that significantly worse. I’ve been passed around by doctors because mine is not an easy problem to solve. I just saw a new doctor two days ago, but she’s referred me to yet another. I have high hopes for the new doc I'll meet in September.

I’ll be performing at Hafla for Humanity in Oakland this Sunday, and I’ll be presenting a piece that will be part of a much larger series. I will be recording this series in my new home dance studio and will be offering online instruction on the series soon. I really wanted to get this stuff posted in August, but I’ve spent the bulk of the month in tears and dealing with legal issues.

I am so thankful to know that I do have students and fans who are eagerly awaiting my new projects, and I promise they are forthcoming! I just need a minute… Please look for an update in September. Thank you all for reading my blog and for your continued support.