The Rettafied Nutcracker

Ya'll! I made an album!

If you didn't know, I was known as "the piano player" in high school and I scored a piano performance scholarship to study music education. That whole music degree thing didn't work out for me, but life has recently brought me back to the keyboard. 

In August, I performed a sword dance to my arrangement of Dance Arabian at Hafla for Humanity in Oakland, CA, and that was the first time I've ever performed to music that I recorded myself. Since then, I've been trying to put a home dance studio together and get a performance video done for you all, but I was covered up in health trouble and had my court date for my bankruptcy in October. I also had to visit the hospital in October.... so I'm lucky the album got finished at all! Better late than never, I suppose.

I am currently working on a few little music videos to go along with this album. I will also be publishing original compositions and more "Rettafied" arrangements of classical and other familiar music in the coming months. Stay tuned!

The Rettafied Nutcracker Suite

Tchaikovsky gets a new groove on this light-hearted electronic album meant to inspire wiggly booties and happy faces.

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