Sparkly Pink Lemonade


I decided to start my blog today of all days because we need more women to speak up and take the lead. A month ago, I was taken by surprise when I got the opportunity to open a dance studio with my friend Trixie. We launched on an insane timeline, signing the lease on our space only seventeen days before our soft opening date of November 1st. Anyone who has opened their own small business knows that right now is the most critical time for my fledgling business. So, amidst all this President-elect Trump nonsense, I have to find a way to deal with these lemons we’ve all been given and keep my business on track. I’m taking these horrible lemons, and I’m making pink hard lemonade, with those little edible gold flakes floating in it.

I’m hoping that as we all move forward, we will see that leading by example is the best thing to do right now, and always. We should look for ways to support women and minorities. I am personally devastated that we, as a nation, elected a President who treats women like property. That felt like a punch in the nose to me and millions of other American women. We can’t stay down, ladies. We have to get up and kick ass. I didn’t really understand the timing of my studio opening until today. Women just took a punch. We are mad. So now I just have more fuel and reason to continue building a business owned by women to teach other women how to kick ass. This is the perfect time for me to start this business because my friends and colleagues will likely be looking for ways to support women in the coming weeks, and I’m a woman in need of support.

Trixie and I are opening our studio, Bay Area Moving Arts Center, to create a place for women to find community and feel empowered to express themselves and feel ownership of their minds and bodies. We have both worked hard to get to where we are, and our struggles have taught us so much. We are finally business owners! We both have the skill set and drive to make our studio work. But to make it a real success, we need help! We need people to help us during our crowdfunding campaign, which will launch next week on November 15th. We will be selling discounted class packages, shirts, and will have options for donations from folks who just want to give. We need help sharing the campaign info on social media, and we need people to sign up and attend classes! Regardless of your feelings about the election, please support Bay Area Moving Arts Center. We are women empowering other women!

Would you please connect with my studio on social media and participate in our crowdfunding campaign Nov 15 - Dec 15? @bamovingartsWebsite:

I plan to post another blog with our crowdfunding information when we launch on Nov 15th. Thank you so much for reading!