What a Week

I am officially married to Super Steve, and we are off to Paris! I have been looking forward to this day for so very long! Last Wednesday was the third anniversary of the day we met. He’s been so fantastic! I’ve been extremely stressed. I’m shutting down all connections and am going totally off the grid until we are back just in time to officially shut down my studio. Amazing timing with this whole situation. Not everyone has the strength to take big risks. Those of us who do take big risks must have the strength to take the hit when we fail. I’ve taken lots of big risks and gotten some amazing rewards, and then there are situations like the studio. I lost quite a lot, but also gained a significant amount of experience and knowledge in a relatively short time span. I just wish that final hit had not been quite so hard. I am getting a honeymoon right when I needed it most. Super Steve is taking me on an amazing trip and we will have all the fun!

My business partner had her lawyer send me an email this past Monday, four days before my wedding, to share details about how she is proceeding with the legal dispute she started with me. It was a mood altering experience to read that. I appreciate all of the sweet comments you all are sending me, but please be careful not to write anything too harsh about her; apparently, she is reading them and getting her feelings hurt.

I hope our mutual friends will reach out to her in kindness soon. The reason I was trying to keep her is that I loved her and thought she needed it. I told her we were sisters; sisters fight but they love each other and are supposed to protect each other. Her getting a lawyer to put between us was an unforgivable betrayal. This is not high school; we are adults and she lost me a ton of money and time, broke my heart, and continues to lash out via her lawyer. She is now toxic to me. I can give her no more forgiveness and love than I would give to a stranger, but she is still human and needs friends. Her life is extra complicated right now, and she just permanently lost one of the best friends she ever had. I’m going to step back for a bit and let ya’ll do that intervention thing. Show her the love. I’ve got so many good things going right now; I’ll be ok.

I have been trying to fulfill my dream of making an awesome difference in the world and have been thinking that dance and yoga were the best way for me to make that difference. But, now I found a business that I want to lean into like Sheryl Sandberg because it could make a huge difference.

I recently met another entrepreneur who hired me to be his assistant for a handful of hours a week so that I could start getting a bit of income and not lose too much time with my own business. It turns out, the new boss and I are a fantastic work team and he has a new nonprofit that he wants to build with me. I’m very excited about the new work and I think it will provide lots of opportunities for me to use my favorite skills, like teaching, yoga, and dance, all while I use my organizational and leadership skills to help many people rather than just a few.

Bonus points to the moon and back because this new job will also give me more time with Super Steve.  

I do plan to set up some semi-private and private belly dance lessons out of my home, and I’m also working on some online instruction for my students who are not close enough to come dance at my house. That will take some time; probably a few months. I’m excited that my Marilyn Monroe students are eager to perform that piece again at Carnival of Stars on July 23rd, and my next completely solo public performance will not happen until August. I will eventually find a way to do group sword instruction and am developing a dance conditioning intensive geared towards my style of sword dancing, and I have a bag of super fun intermediate level choreographies I’ll be offering later.

This next chapter is going to be the best one yet. Here we go!

Thank you for reading!


“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” ― Stephen McCranier