Women's March

Friday morning, just before Trump was Inaugurated, I received a LinkedIn connection request from a guy who date raped me a few years ago. “How fitting,” I thought. Trump symbolizes rape culture, and for many women like myself, his presidency is a constant reminder of the total lack of respect and copious abuse we get from so many men. Trump has a warped view of reality and treats women like objects. The rapey guy with the LinkedIn request obviously feels no shame. He's a rich white guy who's used to getting what he wants. Trump’s presence in the White House gives him and all the other chauvinist pieces of shit like him permission to keep being horrible humans who disrespect and abuse women. I will never understand the people who voted for Trump; especially those with daughters. Of course, I knew about the Women’s March on Saturday, but made the decision to be at my dance studio to teach in case anyone showed up. I thought if anyone wanted to come take a class, they would be there because they needed help taking their mind off of the bad stuff. I recalled Suhaila Salimpour talking about her classes on 9/11. Everyone was in shock, but she didn’t know what to do besides go teach. The students that showed up were in the same boat, and those classes were very therapeutic.

I didn’t march on Saturday. No one came to class, either. Part of me wishes I was at the march, but I’m happy that I had the opportunity to provide a safe haven for students, even if no one took advantage of it. I’m very grateful to the women who did march and am proud to call many of them my friends.

My dance studio is not yet profitable. In fact, it is not yet sustainable. Our overhead greatly exceeds our revenue. I have my work cut out for me this year. I’m fighting for a business that empowers women, so it has to work. Women have to see other women lead, taking ownership of their bodies, and helping other women.

I am honored to have the help that I do have with my studio, and am really looking forward to seeing our student base grow and share their love and light through dance! More love, light, and RESPECT for women, please. Much more.

Thanks for reading! Namaste